3 Reasons Why You Should Prebook a Minibus For Your Next Trip In Singapore

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Here in Singapore for business in a group of five or more? If you are then you will need an  airport shuttle or a group transportation service for moving around Singapore. 


You can book a ride-hailing service or a minibus for the purpose. If your group has five or more people, then the taxi with a maximum capacity of four passengers is not an option. In that case, a minibus is an ideal choice for your group transportation.  Here are three reasons why. 



It is cheaper!

Given the limited capacity in a taxi, you will need to book more than 1 vehicle, making the journey more expensive. A minibus on the other hand which can fit more than four passengers, has rates starting from as low as $30 per trip. 


Ride-hailing services have surcharges or surge pricing making them even more expensive. Minibuses have fixed prices with no such pricing mechanism and so you pay that price. 


On a whole, hiring a passenger van is a cheaper option compared to ride-hailing.



It is easier to plan and coordinate

In the event that you need more than one vehicle, it is likely one group gets a taxi much later than the other which may not be ideal especially if you have a flight to catch. 


This is where pre-booking a minibus makes it easier to plan. Book at least 60 mins in advance and the driver will arrive at the stated time and everyone can reach the airport together on time. 



No need to worry about cancelled trips

Ride-hailing services have the tendency to cancel a booking if the driver takes more than 8-10 mins to reach your location. If you need to get to the airport in the wee hours of the morning where the chances of cancellation are higher, ride-hailing is not recommended. 


For a minibus, no such thing. Book it in advance and the driver will be there at the stated time. No worries about reaching the airport late and again easier to plan your journey. 




It is clear from the above reasons that hiring a van in advance is the best way for group transportation in Singapore which can help make the trip hassle-free and affordable for everyone.


If you need a reliable minibus for your transport needs in Singapore, GetVan Ride will be there throughout your journey. Book your trip here! 


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