3 Simple Steps To Pack and Transport Home Your New Bed

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Have you found the perfect queen size bed or even better king sized bed for you and your loved one on Carousell? The price is a bargain and you do not want to let the deal go! However, the only thing that is stopping you from proceeding with the purchase is you are worried how you will pack and transport the bed to your home. 

Moving your newly bought mattress to your home is actually much easier than you think. Allow us to share with you 3 simple steps on how to do so.



Things You Need

As you would not want to see your newly bought mattress becoming dirty or damaged before it reaches your home, you will need to pack it properly using the right materials. Here is a list of all the items you will need.

  • Mattress Bag
  • Tape 
  • Scissors
  • Tie Down Straps



Pack Your Mattress

Before you proceed, given that mattress is a bulky item, you will need help. Ask your friends or family to assist you in packing and moving. 

Once help has arrived, you can start packing.

Start by standing the mattress on its side and wiping off any dust or dirt. Then place it inside the mattress bag which will help prevent any damage to the mattress or become dirty. 

If the bag has a zipper, ensure the zipper is fully fastened. If the bag does not have a zipper, fold the open ends over the edges and then tape it securely so that the mattress does not move around and no dust can get through. Now your mattress is ready for transporting.



Load Onto The Van

As mattresses are bulky items, moving it with care is important as you may injure yourself or damage the mattress itself.

When lifting, DO NOT bend your back. Doing so will result in back injuries! Instead bend your knees and keep your back straight. 

Be careful of any obstacles you might face when moving to the van. Coordinate with your friend so that there is no damage to the bed or the surrounding area. 

Before loading onto the van, ensure that there are no sharp edges or objects which might damage the bed. If there are no sharp objects, load the bed by laying it flat on the floor and secure it so that it does not move around. Your bed is ready to be brought home for a good night’s sleep!

Getting your newly purchased bed to your home in a good condition is crucial. Hence, it is important for you to get the right van rental service in Singapore. Doing so will ensure that the bed is secured properly during the move to prevent damage. The driver can also provide assistance in loading the bed into the vehicle safely. 

If you do not wish to risk any injury to yourself or damage to your bed you can always hire a van with a driver for an on-demand delivery service with GetVan Goods to deliver your bed to your home in a cost effective and safe manner. 



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