3 Types of Maxi Cab and Minibus Rental in Singapore For Large Group Transportation

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Have you ever felt that it is a waste of time and money to hire two cars for large group transportation? The solution is simple! With maxi cabs and minibuses, you can fit everyone into the same space as you travel around Singapore. Read on to find out the types of maxi cabs and minibus rental services in Singapore, along with their pros & cons.


What Is A Minibus

A minibus is a large van that can fit 8 to 13 passengers in total. The minibus is a popular choice of transportation among big groups of friends, families or tourists who prefers to explore and tour around Singapore comfortably.


What Is A Maxi Cab

A maxi cab is a private transportation vehicle with a driver that can fit 7 to 10 passengers in total. The maxi cab is well-liked among tourists and locals who seek the comfort and convenience of travelling in large groups.



Offering both maxi cab and minibus rental in Singapore, SGMAXI is committed to providing valued passengers with convenient transportation services at an affordable price. Furthermore, SGMAXI caters private transportation with drivers to clients from international delegates, government officials, tourists to locals. The passenger’s safety takes priorities at SGMAXI, with transport operations regulations and vehicle safety inspections.


The Pros

SGMAXI offers a 7 seater maxi cab that demonstrates elegance and class while providing esteem passengers in a large group with comfort and breathing space as they travel around Singapore. The maxi cab can contain up to seven passengers, with more than three big luggage.


Moreover, SGMAXI offers a selection of 9 seaters and 13 seaters minibus, with no additional charges for booking and reservations. Not to mention, SGMAXI maxi cab and minibus rental in Singapore operates on a flat rate policy ($60) – which means that there are no hidden charges or extra wages incurred due to peak hours or car park fees.


Other advantages include:

  • Multiple points of contact (phone, website, email or WhatsApp)
  • 4.7 out of 5 stars review on Google
  • 4.1 out of 5 ratings on Facebook
  • Unlimited pick-up and drop off


The Cons

  • A flat rate of $60 may be overvalued for shorter journeys
  • An additional surcharge of $15 for:
  1. pickups between 23:00 and 6:30 
  2. waiting time for every 10 minutes after Grace waiting time 15 minutes non-arrival
  • An additional surcharge of $20 for:
  1. additional pick up within 5km from the first pick up location
  2. location pick up from Tuas south & Jurong Island


2. Singapore Maxi Cabs

Founded five years ago, Singapore Maxicabs offers both maxi cab and minibus rental in Singapore, providing comfortable and top-notch transportation services to thousands of satisfied international and local passengers at a lower cost. What’s more, Singapore Maxicabs supply services from events, weddings to city tours.


The Pros

Designed with a spacious area, Singapore Maxicabs offers a 7 seater maxi cab that caters to both esteem passengers and bulky items such as luggage and bicycles. The maxi cab operates on an hourly booking basis with a designated chauffeur, which is perfect for passengers in a large group that wishes to travel around Singapore for sightseeing.


Besides, Singapore Maxicabs also offers an upgrade to the maxi cab with the 9 seaters and 13 seaters minibus. Renowned for its massive backroom space, the 9 seater minibus can effortlessly hold the passengers along with nine big luggage. Furthermore, the minibus can accommodate clients in a wheelchair with ease.


Other advantages include:

  • Fixed prices with no surcharges for peak hour
  • 4.3 out of 5 stars review on Google


The Cons

  • Only accept cash, Paynow & major credit cards payment (Master Card, Visa & Amex)
  • Additional 10% surcharge for stripe / credit card payment
  • Additional charges of $10 for:
  1. meet & greet services
  2. each additional stops


3. GetVan Singapore

Since its establishment in 2016, GetVan Singapore has provided on-demand van-hire services for esteemed passengers, known as GetVan Ride. GetVan Ride offers both maxi cab and minibus rental in Singapore, bringing passengers the ease of travelling with a personal chauffeur, transparency in price without hidden costs, and the flexibility to travel by time or distance at their convenience.


The Pros

GetVan Ride offers a 6 seater maxi cab, that comes in various car models, ranging from Limousine, Toyota Noah, Vellfire to Merc Viano. GetVan Ride’s maxi cab exudes a simple yet classy style, providing passengers with the benefit of comfortability and privacy while travelling.


Furthermore, GetVan Ride also offers a 10 seaters and 13 seaters minibus that is ideal for moving passengers around for weddings, conferences, to local and corporate events in a safe and versatile manner. The 13 seaters minibus is also perfect for passengers travelling in large groups with friends or family, who intend to travel to multiple locations over the weekends for leisure.


Other advantages include:

  • Immediate / Advance booking from up to 14 days
  • 5 out of 5 stars ratings on Facebook
  • 4.9 out of 5 reviews on Google
  • Fixed price policy with no surcharge
  • Operates 24/7


The Cons

  • Limited payment option (Payment only by cash directly to drivers)
  • An additional surcharge of:
  1. $10 for each pick up/drop off
  2. $0.5/min for additional waiting time


Travel In Large Group Easily Using

Van Hire Services

Going to places in Singapore for your group activities in a large group of up to 8 people need not be a cumbersome task when you can hire a passenger van with a driver to bring your group around. Instead, it can be a fun, enjoyable and economical journey for everyone.


If you are looking for a fuss-free transportation service that is affordable, comfortable and will be able to accommodate all your passengers, GetVan Ride is here! Book us now! Want to know how GetVan’s charges work? Click here to find out more!



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