4 Steps to Moving Your Tables and Chairs to Your New Home

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If you are shifting to your new home soon, you might be considering disposing of your existing tables and chairs. This may be the case because packing and moving tables and chairs might be troublesome given they are bulky items and fragile. 

You might be thinking that it would be much easier to buy new furniture and get the furniture company to deliver them since they are more experienced in delivering such items.    

It may not seem easy, but moving your existing tables and chairs is not difficult at all. Let us share with you 4 steps on how you can move your dining tables and chairs to your new home.


Prepare the dining table for transport

If you have a dining table top made of glass, then you will need to take extra precaution to ensure that the glass top does not break. 

First you will need to remove the glass top. Most glass tops are not screwed on and so you can just lift it up. However, they are heavy and fragile so you should get help from a friend or family member and lift the top slowly. 

Second, use masking tape (it does not leave a sticky residue on glass when removed) to make several strips across the glass in different directions. This will give the glass extra strength and stability and will keep the glass shards together in case the tabletop breaks during the move (which will help prevent injury upon unpacking). 


Wrap Your dining tables and chairs well

Once your dining set has been prepared, You can wrap them. 

Dining Table

Wrap the glass with packing paper and use tape to secure (ensure that the adhesive on the tape does not come into contact with the glass). 

Next cover the wrapped tabletop in several layers of large-size bubble wrap. 

Lastly, place the wrapped tabletop in a telescopic box of appropriate size. This box has been specifically designed to transport fragile items. It should fit the glass top perfectly, so that there is no room for movement inside the box (any shifting during transit can result in breakage). 

For the table legs, just wrap using bubble wrap and use tape to secure.

Dining Chairs

Wrap the dining chairs legs and back of the chair in bubble wrap and use stretch wrap over the fabric upholstery. Do not forget to wrap any extensions, rails, or bars on the chairs with bubble wrap as well. 

Now your tables and chairs are ready to be loaded onto the truck.


Move them to the truck carefully

Do take note that dining tables and chairs are heavy and fragile at the same time. To avoid any injury to yourself and damaging your furniture follow these steps.

For the glass top, lift up slowly while keeping your back straight. Coordinate with your friend to ensure both know what to do. Once lifted, turn it such that the top is perpendicular to the floor. This will make it easier and safer to move. You can now bring the tabletop to the moving truck. 

For table legs, follow the same procedure as above but be careful not to brush the legs against the walls or injure anyone. 

When you are moving dining chairs, lift them from the bottom of the seat and not the back itself. Lifting from the back directly could potentially damage the chairs.


Load onto the truck strategically

Dining tables and chairs being bulky items,  need to be loaded onto the truck in a manner that they do not move around during the journey and also do not occupy more space then they need.  

First load the glass tabletop to the back of the truck and use rope to secure. Then, place the table legs in a way that does not allow them to move around and not damage other items or get damaged itself. 

Next, the chairs should be stacked in sets of two with the chair on top being upside down. This occupies less space and so you will be able to load more items if needed. 

It is important to get the right delivery service in Singapore as it will ensure that your dining tables and chairs are secured properly during the move to prevent damage. The driver can also provide assistance in helping you to load the items into the vehicle safely. 

If you do not wish to risk any injury to yourself or damage to your furniture, you can always hire a van with a driver for a on-demand delivery service with GetVan Goods to deliver your tables and chairs to your new home in a cost effective manner.



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