4 Van Rental Companies For Your DIY Furniture Moving Needs

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With apps like Carousell, people are able to buy almost anything, including bulky items such as furniture. This is great as anyone can now get a nice piece of furniture at a lower price compared to buying it first-hand from the furniture store itself. However, there is one problem.


Such platforms do not offer delivery services!


Given that furniture is not something you can carry in one hand and bring it home, you will need to get a transportation service to help you with the delivery. 


Here are four van rental companies to help you with do-it-yourself furniture moving.



Lalamove is a logistics solutions company providing consumers and businesses with last-mile and on-demand delivery services. Lalamove has several vehicle sizes, to transport small goods, large goods and even valuables depending on your needs.


Lalamove employs distance based pricing starting from a base of $30 + $0.50/km.  


Maxicab Minibus

You may have heard of Maxicab as the company offering group travel services such as airport transfers with their taxis. Did you know they also transport bulky items? Their vehicles are able to double up to transport bulky items with many years of experience.


Maxicab’s fleet ranges from 6-seater taxis to 40 seater buses, with prices starting from $40/hour. 


GoGoX (Formally GoGoVan)

GoGoX is a logistics solutions provider for consumers and businesses providing transportation services 24/7. GoGoX has a range of vehicles from a van to 24-foot lorries to cater to your various needs. 


For bulky items delivery, prices start from $23. 



GetVan offers on-demand van rental services for delivery purposes such as DIY furniture moving with it’s GetVan Goods Service. The service is customisable, depending on the frequency and volume of the items you are transporting.

The company has vehicles of varying sizes and offers distance based or hourly charges for its services so that you can choose the best pricing for your transportation needs. GetVan Good’s starting price is from as low as a base charge of $8 per trip. It’s price transparency policy ensures you get a price estimate of the delivery before you book. 

If you need to make a last minute delivery, GetVan allows you to make a booking immediately to get your bulky items delivered as soon as possible! 


With these van rental companies, transporting bulky items has become a worry-free experience. 


Need to transport your furniture to another location? Find out how GetVan Goods can help you deliver!


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