5 Delivery Services SMEs Can Utilise For Ad Hoc Deliveries

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There will be times when SME businesses such as yours will have to make ad hoc deliveries. Examples for ad hoc deliveries include delivering parcels or documents once, occasionally and urgent deliveries. However, not all delivery services will take on such jobs. In such situations, you will need to look for courier services in Singapore which allow you to make ad-hoc parcel deliveries. Allow us to share 5 such delivery services you can utilise.



Pickupp is a logistics company that provides last mile delivery in Singapore to both corporate clients and individuals. 

For your ad hoc deliveries, their “Individuals” services is what you will need. They offer two key benefits for SMEs. First being the low cost of delivery, starting from just $10 per order with no minimum number of delivery orders per month! The second is the speed of delivery at express 2-hour delivery and 4-hour same day delivery options. Useful for those urgent and/or ad hoc delivery needs.



EasyParcel is an online parcel consolidator and eCommerce shipping solutions provider. What this means is that EasyParcel is not a courier service provider themselves. They do not own a fleet of vans to make deliveries. Instead they are a platform for courier companies to offer their services. On their platform, you get a quote for your delivery order from the different courier services available and you can then select the service who offers the lowest price. 

This saves you a lot of time searching for the different logistics companies and going into each website to get your quotes. A convenient option when you have urgent items to deliver! Further, their portal is easy to use and all it needs is just a few clicks to get your quote, book a courier and get your items delivered! 


Park N Parcel

Park N Parcel is another delivery service in Singapore. They offer the option of Home Delivery or Parker Point delivery (collection point). For their ‘Home Delivery’ service, Park n Parcel will deliver the parcel directly to the receiver’s doorstep. Do take note that if you have less than 5 parcels, you will need to drop them off at their Parker Points (collection point). If you have more than 5 parcels, you are eligible for Park n Parcel’s pickup service. To deliver, all you have to do is to drop off your parcel at their Parker Point and then Park n Parcel will deliver it to a Parker Point nearest to the receiver.

With prices starting from $2.50 per delivery, Park n Parcel is an affordable courier service for SMEs! With more than 100 Parker Points around Singapore to drop off your parcels, you will not need to go far to drop off your parcels. However, it is worth noting that given the delivery timeframe of 1 – 3 working days for both services, Park n Parcel is only recommended if you do not have urgent delivery needs.  



Uparcel is an on demand courier service in Singapore. They offer many delivery options such as 1-hour delivery and 2-way delivery amongst others. Uparcel also provides delivery services for specific sectors such as medical and F&B. For your peace of mind, Uparcel allows you to track your parcel to ensure it is delivered to the right person. 

Prices start from $8 (next-day delivery option) which makes Uparcel an affordable service for SMEs. However, do take note that there is a minimum delivery requirement of 10 deliveries per month. If unmet, you will incur a $10 admin charge per month. Hence, we would only recommend Uparcel to SMEs, which makes at least 10 deliveries per month. 



GetVan is an on-demand delivery service in Singapore. Getvan has 2 services available for ad hoc delivery for you to choose from, GetVan Send and GetVan Goods. 

GetVan Send is an on demand courier service for parcels up to maximum 50kg and L+W+H < 150cm. Key features include: delivery tracking functionality, 24/7 deliveries, route optimisation and the ability to book multiple destinations and return trips. You can even choose the type of vehicle (motorbike, car, van) depending on your needs. Prices start from $9.

GetVan Goods offers on demand van rental services for larger items up to 3.3m (L) x 2.0m (W) x 1.9m (H). This service is what you will need if the item that you want to deliver is larger than the size limits for GetVan Send. They have vans of different sizes (from Renault Kangoo to Mitsubishi Fuso) allowing you to choose the size that is appropriate for you. Prices start from $25.


Both services are available 24/7 with immediate or advance booking functionality. GetVan’s transparent pricing policy ensures there are no hidden charges and you know how much you will have to pay before you even book! All these make GetVan an ideal delivery service for ad hoc deliveries of both small and large items for SMEs. 


Need to make ad hoc parcel deliveries? GetVan Send is ready to deliver!


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