5 Easy Steps To Pack and Transport Furniture For Your Home Office

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Is your company shifting to a permanent work-from-home (WFH) arrangement? If yes, you will have to set up your home office in a way that is comfortable enough for you to do your work and also be productive.

To set up your home office, you will need to purchase an office desk and an office chair. There are many options available online. However, most of them either have a high minimum spend to qualify for free delivery or do not offer delivery services at all! If you do not meet the minimum spend, then you will need to pay high delivery charges.

We have a solution. On-demand furniture delivery. DIY packing and transporting has its benefits. It may sound daunting but it is not. Allow us to share with you 5 easy steps on how you can pack and transport small office furniture for your home office.


Gather the Right Packing Materials

Whether you are buying brand new or used office furniture, you would not want to damage them even before it reaches your home. To protect your furniture from any unintentional damage, you will need to pack them with appropriate materials. The list is as follows:

  • Bubble wrap or unprinted newspaper
  • Furniture pads or moving blankets
  • Masking tape

Do note that you should purchase enough materials and the pads and blankets must be big enough to cover your furniture.  



Pack Your Furniture Securely

Packing your home office furniture securely will go a long way in protecting them during the move. Here is how you can do it:

Office Chair

First, dismantle and wrap the arms of the chair with layers of bubble wrap and use tape to hold the wrapping in place. Next, do the same for the rest of the chair. Ensure the legs and wheels are covered. 

Then, use the moving blankets to cover the arms and chair and use tape again to secure. Lastly, use furniture pads to wrap the chair as a final layer for protection during the move.

Office Desk 

Office desks are a little more complicated. You should first and foremost remove any drawers or racks from the desk and wrap them separately in bubble wrap. Then follow the same procedure as for packing an office chair, to pack your desk.  



Load Safely Onto the Van

Office furniture is bulky. This means that moving them is a 2-man job. Make sure you have someone to help you with the move and coordinate the move with them. 

Start by lifting from the table frame. While lifting, do not bend your back as that may result in back injuries. Instead bend your knees. 

Once lifted, you can then bring the desk to the van. While doing so, take care to not to damage the surroundings or the desk itself. 

Once you have reached the van, secure the desk to the back of the van with rope to prevent the desk from moving around during the move. 

For office chairs, it can be either a one-man job or a two-man job depending on its size. Lift it using the base of the seat and not the backrest as doing so might result in breakage. 

In the van, use rope to secure the chair so that just like the desk it does not move around during the transport and get damaged. 



Plan Your Route

It is crucial that you plan the route beforehand. Avoid roads which are bumpy such as those near the MRT construction sites as much as possible. These roads can result in a higher risk of damage to your furniture. 



Unloading Your Furniture

Once the van has arrived at your home, take note of the following.

Follow the instructions for lifting of the furniture as stated above. 

Next, while moving the desks and chairs to your home, look out for any obstacles such as potted plants and shoe stands along the corridors. Unintentionally hitting them with your furniture may result in damage to both your furniture and the potted plants. 


It is important to get the right delivery service in Singapore as it will ensure that your office desks and chairs are secured properly during the move to prevent damage. The driver can also provide assistance in loading the items into the vehicle safely. 

If you do not wish to risk any injury to yourself or damage to your home office furniture, you can always hire a van with a driver for a on-demand delivery service with GetVan Goods to deliver your office furniture to your home in a cost effective manner. 



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