5 Tips on How to Pack A Fragile Item for Shipping

Packing box with fragile item sticker
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Ever felt insecure about fragile item packing? No worries, this happens to all of us. Boxes also go through a lot on the road. As such, it is important to protect your fragile items well.


What Are Fragile Items

Fragile items are items that are easily broken and are usually made of materials like glass, ceramic and porcelain. Therefore, things like plates and bowls, cups and saucers, and glassware are all considered fragile items. 


Gather the Right Packing Materials

Protecting your fragile items starts with gathering the right packing materials! You would need: 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper or foam wrap
  • Unwanted clothing or towels
  • Packing tape 
  • Packing box 
  • Dividers
  • Markers


How to Pack A Fragile Item for Shipping

To protect your fragile item, it is important to wrap each fragile item with foam wrap, and then bubble wrap it. You might ask: “Why do I need to do that? Isn’t just one layer enough?”


The reason is this: the foam wrap protects the fragile item from scratches, while the bubble wrap protects the fragile item from breaking. If you do not have enough foam wraps and bubble wraps, you can use old clothes or towels and wrap your fragile items in them.


After you’re done wrapping your fragile items, it is time to place them in the packing boxes! A good practice is to first place a layer of cushion inside your packing boxes. To create this cushion, you can use:

  • Bubble wraps
  • Old towels or clothing
  • Crumpled packing paper


For plates and cups, you can use packing boxes with dividers to prevent them from colliding into one another. If you lack storage space, you can stack the plates and cups. It is important to note, however, that stacked cups should be placed lying down instead of standing up. This prevents the cups from falling down and breaking inside the box.  


For glassware such as wine and champagne glasses, fill up the hollow spaces with crumpled packing paper. This helps to ease the vibrations while on the road. Unlike cups, glassware should always be placed lying down. 


Be Generous with The Packing Tape

Very often, fragile items slip out of their bubble wraps due to loose packaging. To avoid this, secure your fragile items by taping them with generous amounts of packing tape to keep their packaging intact. If you do not have enough packing tape, you can use masking tapes or scotch tapes to help you secure the packaging. 


Label Your Boxes

Always remember to label your boxes as “Fragile” or “ Fragile Item Handle With Care” and state what they contain. For example, if the packing box contains plates and bowls, you should label the box as “Fragile Item Handle with Care– Plates and Bowls”. It would be even better if you could stick the boxes with fragile item stickers


DIY or Hire a Delivery Service

Packing boxes are often heavy and bulky. If you have a large-sized vehicle i.e. a van or a pickup truck, make sure you have someone to help you with the loading and unloading of the packing boxes.            


Alternatively, you can hire a delivery service in Singapore that provides on-demand delivery to help you with the transportation. It is important to get the right delivery service in Singapore as it will ensure that your fragile items are properly transported to prevent damage. The driver can also provide assistance with the loading and unloading of the packing boxes. 


If you wish to avoid risks of injury to yourself or damage to your fragile items, you can hire a van with a driver for fragile items delivery service with us at GetVan Goods. We deliver your fragile items to your home in a cost-effective manner. We also provide on-demand van rental services and same-day delivery at affordable rates designed to help you with your moving needs. Contact us for more information!



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