A 3-Step Guide to Hiring On-Demand Van Services

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Are you currently thinking of moving your goods from one location to another in Singapore? Are you searching for the most effective transport services?


Well, consider hiring on-demand van services to help with your move! 


Why do you need on-demand van hire services?

Van hires come in handy for moving your goods from one location to another in the quickest time and cheapest way possible. When moving, you will most likely have to transport bulky items, such as small furniture, chunks of documents, or multiple small-to-mid-sized equipment. Such items will present logistical difficulties should you have to transport them by yourself. As such, hiring an on-demand delivery service will greatly increase your convenience. 



How on-demand van hire services work

Hiring a van usually begins with creating a customer account by providing your basic information to the service provider. There, you get to choose the type of van that can best serve your needs by volume and availability. 


Once you decide, you can proceed to schedule your booking and select additional services offered within the platform. 


Finally, most modern service providers offer notifications and easy access to track the delivery progress via a designated tracking code with full visibility from pick-up, transit, to delivery. 



What to consider before hiring a van

However, there are also several considerations to note when hiring on-demand van services. 


Firstly, you must consider the specifics of your situation and moving needs. What sort of items will you be transporting? Are they particularly large or bulky? Such specifics will influence the type of van you choose for renting


Also, consider your personal needs. Do you have children, elderly parents or pets, that may need extra attention? These will affect whether you eventually decide to even engage in van hire services or hire professional movers instead. 


Finally, ensure that the van hire service you choose offers consistency in their charging rates. It is highly recommended for you to get a clear estimate of the final price so that you won’t be charged unnecessarily. 


At GetVan, we provide on-demand van rental services at affordable rates designed to help you with your moving needs. 


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