The 5 Best Delivery and Courier Services in Singapore

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Buying and selling on Carousell or other platforms feels great. But what happens when you need to travel all the way across Singapore to meet your buyer or seller? Not only is it tiring, it is also very inconvenient, especially since precious time gets wasted. Fortunately, Singapore offers several same-day delivery services to transport your items. These services help conserve your time, and are also attractively priced. We’ve compiled a list of delivery and courier services available for you!

Delivery and courier services in Singapore


Lalamove is primarily a moving services company with lorries and vans, but they also transport smaller items, like parcels.

Prices start at $10 for a parcel that weighs up to 8kg. The company offers immediate delivery services, and charges by the distance. Lalamove also offers food delivery services, and personal shopping assistance that allows you to beat the queue and the heat.


UParcel offers delivery services to any address in Singapore. It sends any item under 1kg within an hour, starting at $20. There’s no minimum volume, so you can ship anything, even just a single small parcel. 

Also, UParcel offers batch delivery services, and even provides discounts up to 50% for deliveries to the same location. 


Those of you who’ve cabbed home in the wee hours of the morning after clubbing will know how costly the taxi fare is. Can you imagine the extra trouble you will face to deliver something late at night? 

Thankfully, IXpress647’s 24-hour courier service delivers items under 1kg within two hours starting from $11. With IXpress 647, you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing your items are well-transported. is a tech-enabled delivery platform that is fast making its name in the logistics and e-commerce space. 4-hour on-demand and same-day delivery services start from $7.50. 

On top of that, the company’s tech dashboards provide you full visibility of your parcel’s location and shipping status. It also offers real-time GPS tracking. An SMS notification will be sent to your recipient before and after the delivery. Aside from courier services, also allows you to shop and purchase food items. 


GetVan offers van-hire services to transport your items, which can range from miniature parcels, to few pieces of small furniture. 

GetVan’s services are also highly customisable, depending on the frequency and volume of the items you are transporting. At the same time, the company’s price transparency policy ensures that you get a price estimate before you book any of its services. This allows you to compare prices across the board, and make a well-informed decision. 

GetVan Goods offers on-demand van rental services to help you with your moving needs.  The team of registered driver-partners will readily assist you within the shortest possible time. Simply book a van two hours in advance. 

With GetVan’s reliable moving van services, you can be rest assured that your parcels will be transported across our sunny island in a smooth and hassle-free manner!

Sit back and enjoy

Given the various courier and delivery services offered, you won’t have to waste anymore of your precious time travelling across our sunny island!

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