Bicycle delivery for enthusiasts and bicycle shops in Singapore: Four wheels for your two wheels

Transport Bicycle in Singapore
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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cycling has seen a significant increase in ridership in Singapore. Singaporeans are taking to two wheels for leisure, transportation and even for work with food delivery services. So popular has cycling been that bicycle sales have seen a 20 – 25% increase over the past year. And with over 1,300 kilometers of cycling paths by 2030, there has never been a better time to own a bicycle or a bicycle shop in Singapore. 


An often forgotten element of bike ownership is transporting your bikes. As a cycling enthusiast or bicycle shop owner in Singapore, it is inevitable that you have to transport your bike. This could be to a triathlon, race, or even just a weekend ride. What most fail to consider is the importance of care in bike transportation.


All cyclists share the heartache of seeing their bicycles reach their destination damaged. If you are a bicycle shop owner in Singapore, or a cyclist looking to move your bicycle, it is important to have a trusted courier handle your prized possessions. Here are the factors to consider, and how GetVan Goods can help you meet the unique challenges of transporting your bicycle.


Caring for your bike from door to door

Selecting a courier from a marketplace platform is risky as few understand the attention needed to care for your bicycles. Small and exposed parts such as pedals are often sensitive and easily damaged. The average courier may not pay attention to these, leading to expensive damages for you.


GetVan eliminates this risk by designating a driver who is trained in bicycle deliveries. Our specialised couriers are trained to care for your bicycle and its accessories, and will take all necessary steps to deliver your bicycle on time and in good condition.


You need flexibility

It can be hard to determine when you will need to transport your bike. This is especially true if you are looking to transport your bike at the end of a race or a social ride.


Factors such as the weather and road conditions can lead to your ride ending much later, or earlier than expected. By having a fixed time for pick up, you risk waiting for hours, or worse, your courier leaving without you and your money wasted.


GetVan is available for immediate booking, providing you with transportation for your bike on a just in time basis, freeing you to focus on your grand tour.


Your bike is damaged, and you don’t

know who to turn to

The only thing worse than seeing a damaged bike is not knowing who to turn to for help. This is a very real concern when using a marketplace platform, as you may not have a direct line of contact to the courier. The platform itself may also be unwilling to assume any liabilities. This is why it is important to not only trust your courier to do their job, but to trust that they will be there when mistakes happen.


GetVan’s model allows you to have one point of contact at all times, keeping the business accountable to you in the event of any unfortunate incidents. For business clients, GetVan Business also provides you with a dedicated account manager, streamlining all information flows.


Delivering more than one bike?

Run a bicycle shop or cycling outlet in Singapore? One of the most important considerations when looking for a bike transfer service is to select the right vehicle. While maxi cabs or minibuses may be able to transport one bicycle at a time, they are often challenged when delivering multiple bikes. This is an important consideration for bicycle shop owners in Singapore. What you need is a solution that can fit the load you need, and not more, for cost efficiency purposes.


GetVan allows you to select a range of options to match your needs, from a regular vehicle that can fit up to 2 bikes, to an extra-large option that can fit up to 8. With multiple options available, we can meet your needs at the lowest costs possible.


Need bicycle transportation for your bike or business? Look no further than GetVan Goods today! 

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