4 Matters to Evaluate When Sourcing Delivery Solution as Wine Sellers in Singapore

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What’s more important than delivering your beverages on time to a party or private gathering? During weekends and holidays, the number of orders for alcoholic beverages increases significantly. According to a study conducted by Comscore, 52% of Singapore’s online shoppers want the ability to select a delivery location that is convenient for them. If the wine orders cannot be delivered in a flexible and  timely manner, it would hinder your operations. Here are some of key criteria you should seek for when sourcing for a logistics partner in Singapore for wine delivery


  1. On-demand delivery service
    Weekends and holidays are when consumers tend to purchase alcoholic beverages for celebrations. Demand will surge during these days. Unless you are able to forecast and plan your logistics accurately, having a on-demand delivery service provider can help secure the holiday and weekend orders.


  1. Experienced delivery staff
    When it comes to delivery of beverages, it is crucial that your company collaborate with a reliable logistics solution provider that helps you manage everything ranging from driver management to your last mile delivery.  Your logistics partner should be fully aware of the laws and regulations pertaining to the delivery of alcoholic beverages, as well as maintaining the quality of the products when they are on the road. Hence, partnering up with a professional logistics solution partner will provide you as a retailer a peace of mind that your customers will be able to enjoy the products they have purchased from your establishment.


  1. Variety of vehicles
    The variety of vehicles your logistics partner provides is also a major factor to consider for your wine delivery. Depending on the amount of the delivery, different vehicle types can be dispatched as a result. This not only reduces the overall cost of delivery, but also to ensure products can be delivered to their customers at the utmost condition on-time.


  1. Customized solution
    Customized solutions contribute to the level of customer satisfaction and achieve efficiency. Wine sellers should work with a partner that understands their delivery needs by customizing their delivery such as planning out their route and mode of transportation. This will ensure that the delivery of goods is being conducted as efficient as possible. Examples of how GetVan has managed to provide a better delivery experience through customized solutions would be through serving the telehealth, F&B, as well as retailer industry.



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