DIY Furniture Moving – Benefits & Tips

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Are you in the process of moving? Thinking of how to shift your furniture between your two houses in Singapore? Well, we’ve gathered a list of pointers to help you make a better decision.


When moving your furniture, you can consider paying professional movers to do the job for you or going down the DIY route. Professional movers will help you do virtually everything, ranging from bubble wrapping your furniture in your old house, to transporting them to your new crib, all within the same day. On the other hand, going down the DIY route means that you will have to transport your furniture yourself. While this may seem overwhelming at first thought, there are actually several benefits.  Let us elaborate!


Cost Savings 

Going down the DIY route can help save you money. Indeed, while paying professional movers for their services can save your energy and effort, it is relatively more expensive. On average, moving all the contents of a 3-room HDB flat will cost around $500. If you have more furniture, expect to pay up to $1500. The DIY route, on the other hand, will estimate around $370 for the same 3-room HDB flat. For more details on the cost breakdown, check out our other article


Greater Freedom

Secondly, moving your furniture by yourself will also allow you greater autonomy and flexibility. You get to plan your schedule in a way that best suits you. Best of all, if you have any last minute changes, it will not add any differences to your moving costs. 

When you hire professional movers, you will have to pay additional fees if any last minute changes are made. Also, sometimes, moving charges may not be fixed, especially if the moving van is required to make more trips. Thus, going down the DIY route will save you from the headache of having to stick by a rigid schedule, and paying extra fees.



However, there are a few must-haves should you decide to go down the DIY route. These will affect how effective your moving experience can be.  

Firstly, you will need to hire a van. You will most likely need help to transport your furniture. Hence, hiring a van to help you with furniture transportation and delivery, will come in handy. 

Secondly, you will need a few pairs of helping hands. Furniture moving is no easy feat. In fact, the process will take you even longer, if you do everything by yourself. Thus, it is imperative to get your friends and family on board to help you move your furniture from one place to another. 

Finally, you must consider the specific needs of your household. Do you have children to take care of? Elderly parents? Pets? These factors will affect your decision whether to ultimately DIY or hire professional movers instead. 



Furniture moving is no simple task. Nonetheless, with the right services and people on your side, you can be assured of a smooth moving experience. 

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