How to Handle Document During DIY Office Move – Benefits & Tips

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Are you planning a shift to your new office? If you are, then you must have many items, especially valuable documents to move to the new office. For this, you may be considering whether a Do-It-Yourself move would be better and what is the most efficient way of transporting the documents to the new premises. We will be providing answers to the questions below. 


Benefits of a DIY Move

First, You Are In Control! It’s your office! You know it the best. You will be better able to plan the move, such as the timeline, what to move and what not to. You will also be better able to keep track of the items being shifted.

Second, It’s More Affordable. Moving can be expensive. However, since you are in control, moving can be cheaper. You will be able to choose which transport service you want to work with to deliver items to the new office.  

Tips On Sorting and Packing Documents For the DIY move

Shifting the sheer volume of documents can be stressful. We have 3 tips which will make the process smoother. 


Sort through all your documents

First and foremost, go through all the documents carefully and sort them according to whether they are Important, Recycle, or Shred. Organise the important documents in separate folders which are colour coded and clearly labelled. Documents that can be recycled should be recycled and dispose of those documents which are confidential but no longer needed.


Pack the important documents

Place the folders of important documents in file boxes which should be clearly labelled so that you can keep track of what had been organised and delivered and what has not.


Transport the documents

Hand over the boxes to the transport service providers. Be there to supervise the move to ensure no documents have been left behind. Also, supervise the delivery at your new office and account for all the documents. 


DIY moving is beneficial and it does not have to be very stressful. The tips provided will help to make the shift smoother while business goes on as usual. If you are looking for a reliable transport service provider in Singapore to shift your valuable documents to your new home, don’t hesitate to contact GetVan! 

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