What is SmoothDrive?

SmoothDrive is our very own driver-partner benefits programme. It consists of a two-tier system with various benefits to reduce your operational expenses, ranging from savings and discounts to additional support services (eg. community events, resting hubs). The higher the tier, the greater the benefits.

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What’s in it for me?


With SmoothDrive, when you deliver more, you get more benefits.


You get access to exclusive deals to reduce your operational expenses.


Build a community with other driver-partners.

How to join SmoothDrive?

SmoothDrive Onboarding New Driver
SmoothDrive Onboarding Existing Driver

Tiers and Benefits

SmoothDrive works on a two-tier system. All driver-partners are automatically enrolled into the Basic tier. To qualify for the Premium tier, all you need is to make 30 trips with GetVan within a 3-month period and maintain a good track record.

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