Hiring A Minibus For Your Group Travel in Phase 3? 3 Things To Consider For An Economical and Comfortable Ride (Updated 2021)

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Phase 3 is here! And it means we go out in groups of up to 8 people! With more people being allowed in a group, you might be thinking of organising group activities such as visiting the various attractions in Singapore with your family and friends with a larger group than before!

With most ride-hailing services, such as Grab and Gojek being limited to just 4 – 6 passengers, you could consider hiring a passenger van with a driver to bring your group to the various attractions. To ensure that you have an economical and comfortable journey, consider these 3 things when hiring a passenger van for your group travel.


Seating Capacity of the Passenger Van

The fun doesn’t begin only when you reach your destination. Rather it begins when you board the van with your friends and family. For that, everyone in your group needs to be in the van. Hence, choose a passenger van with a seating capacity that is able to accommodate all your passengers comfortably. 

If you are in a group of 8 and you have hired a passenger van that has a seating capacity smaller than 8, you will have to make alternative arrangements for the rest. This will result in a few issues. The need to book a second vehicle, the delays caused by waiting for the second vehicle to arrive, your passengers figuring out which vehicle they want to sit in and not to mention the extra cost! Surely a headache, you will want to avoid! 

By hiring a right-sized van, you will avoid all the inconvenience and the extra cost and will be able to enjoy the journey as a group. 


Comfort & Cleanliness

The key to a pleasant journey lies in the comfort and cleanliness of the passenger van. Comfort can be in the form of the seats themselves feeling comfortable, there being enough legroom for passengers to stretch their legs and also the cleanliness of the vehicle. 

Cleanliness is crucial as well because a clean vehicle will help passengers feel comfortable and enjoy their journey. A dirty van on the other hand, will dampen the mood because your passengers will be actively avoiding the dirty areas. They will certainly be praying for the ride to be over quickly. 

By hiring a professional transportation service provider, you can be assured that the passenger vans will be comfortable and kept clean so that you and your family’s journey will be a pleasant one. 




Pricing is crucial when hiring a van. Unlike ride-hailing services which provide instant booking and instant pricing, professional transportation services allow you to pre-book a van at a fixed price. This means no surge pricing during peak hours! Something surely you would have already experienced and dread. 

Further, by booking in advance, you do not have to worry about not being able to get a van during peak hours. 

Going to places in Singapore for your group activities in a large group of up to 8 people need not be a cumbersome task when you can hire a passenger van with a driver to bring your group around. Instead it can be a fun, enjoyable and economical journey for everyone. 

If you are looking for a fuss-free transportation service that is affordable, comfortable and will be able to accommodate all your passengers, GetVan Ride is here! Book us now!



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