How to Pack & Move Office Chairs in Singapore

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Moving to a new office or getting furniture for your work from home setup in Singapore is not an easy feat especially when you are on a budget. There are many things to pack and bring over such as computer desks, computer chairs, or even those Secretlab ergonomic chairs. You might be wondering how to pack and transport over the office chair in a way that does not damage the chairs? Don’t be stressed out! We have prepared 4 steps to easily pack your office chair for your move!


Gather The Packing Materials

To make it easy for you to transport and to protect the office chairs from damage during the move, you will need to get the appropriate packing materials. Below contains a list of items that you will need.

  • Bubble wrap 
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Furniture pads or moving blankets


Wrap The Arm

Once you have the necessary packing materials, you can start packing. Start with the arms of the chair. It is recommended to wrap the arms separately from the rest of the chair. Given the way chairs are designed, it is difficult to wrap both the arms and body of the chair in a way that is enough to move the chair. Wrap both arms of the chair using bubble wrap or newspaper. Then, use packing tape to hold the wrapping in place.



Cover The Chair With Moving Blankets

Once the arms have been wrapped, use the moving blankets to wrap the chair. Tape the blanket in place by taping it to the legs of the chair. To avoid damage from moisture, remember to use shrink wrap as well!



Place Furniture Pads On Top Of The Blanket

Cover the chair with furniture pads which will act as cushioning during the move. This will prevent the chair from being damaged while on the van or while being moved in and out of the office. 


Now that your chairs are ready to be transported, you will need to hire a van. It is important to get the right furniture mover in Singapore as it will ensure that your office chairs are secured properly during the move to prevent damage. You can always hire a van with a driver for a on-demand delivery service with GetVan Goods to help transport your chairs to your new office at a low cost.



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