Modern Logistics Solution That Empowers SMEs in Fashion & Apparel Industry

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According to Statistics Singapore, the number of SMEs in 2019 is 99% and over 70% of employees are hired in SMEs. The number of fashion and apparel SMEs have also reflected such trends. Although these SMEs might be experiencing rapid growth, they might still be constrained in financials and talents due to their size and operating budget. Hence, it is very crucial to undergo employ modern cost-efficient solutions if the company wishes to expand their business. Modern solutions – mostly connected with digital transformation – would ultimately lead to an increase in the efficiency of the delivering of goods and services, resulting in revenue growth for further expansion.

Improve Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is key to enabling a business to grow. The reason why customer satisfaction is vital to online retailers is because not only does that lead to customer retention, but also it leads to positive word-of-mouth. Customers stress on aspects such as customer service before and after their purchase, including delivery. Hence, by providing your customer with a positive shopping experience such as same-day delivery as well as better logistics information allows your customers to feel valued.

Organized and planned schedules

Being a retail company, digitized delivery is vital for your fashion and apparel business to succeed. With digitized delivery, you are able to track your deliveries to ensure your products arrive at the designated locations. If you don’t own an in-house fleet, not a problem. By working closely with a reliable logistics partner, you are able to schedule a delivery by the press of a button on your fingertips and gain full visibility to your logistics status and cost.

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