Moving a Christmas Tree Home? GetVan Goods Is Your Solution

moving a christmas tree in front of a white wall
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The Christmas season is just round the corner, which means it is time to shop for a Christmas tree (You can check out a list of places to buy a Christmas tree in this article by The Finder). However, moving a Christmas tree is not an easy task. This is because Christmas trees are often bulky and huge, which means they cannot fit into your car easily.  

Thinking how best to move your Christmas tree home then? Well, GetVan’s on-demand van-hire service can do the job for you!

GetVan provides vans with drivers for hire in Singapore, which are suitable for your moving needs. In particular, the GetVan Goods service specialises in transporting parcels, small furnitures, and bulky items across Singapore. There are several options available, depending on the volume of your item.

Christmas trees can range from a petite 36 inches to a towering 14ft. In this case, it would be more suitable for you to rent a Renault Kangoo (GetVan Goods Regular), which transports items with an approximate dimension of 1.4 metres, in length, width and height or a Toyota Hiace (GetVan Goods Large), which transports items with an approximate dimension of 2.5 metres in length, and 1.5 metres in width and height. 


Why GetVan Goods?

You may be wondering why GetVan Goods should be your choice to move your Christmas tree. Well, for starters, GetVan has a track record in providing a reliable delivery service in Singapore. Our driver-partners are professionally trained to handle your items with the utmost care. Thus, you won’t have to worry about receiving a broken Christmas tree.

Also, with GetVan Goods, you have the full flexibility of arranging your van or lorry rental service in a manner that best suits your schedule. GetVan’s delivery services are islandwide, which means that your Christmas tree can be transported anywhere in Singapore.

At the same time, you also get the full cost breakdown beforehand, and have the option of including additional services. Additional services include a driver to assist you with moving, carrying bulky or loose items, or even helping to transport your Christmas tree from the shop to your home, without you needing to be around at all. 



With GetVan’s services, moving a Christmas tree across the island will now be as easy as a breeze !

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