No Car? No Problem. Here’s Why GetVan Ride Is The New Private Hire Car Service You Should Be Using

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For many in Singapore, a car used to be one of the 5 C’s to have. 


However, given the rising ownership costs and the construction of more MRT lines nearer to homes, many would prefer to put their money elsewhere. Further, with more people working from home this year, owning a car is no longer a necessity. 


Yet, there may be occasions when one may need a car. For example, planning a family trip to a local attraction like the zoo on a Sunday or visiting the grandparents. 


That is where services such as GetVan Ride come handy. 


In this feature in the Women’s Weekly, we explore why GetVan’s hassle-free passenger van rental service is the right choice for all your group travel needs. 


Learn more about GetVan’s on-demand van rental services on the Women’s Weekly !



Looking to hire a passenger van with a driver for instant or scheduled travel? GetVan Ride is ready for you!



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