The Best Way To Transport Your Furniture

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Saw a beautiful piece of furniture on Carousell? The price may be tempting given that it is likely to be cheaper than buying from a furniture retailer. However transporting it when there is no delivery service available is the tricky part. Fear not, we are going to discuss the various options available and which would be the best for you. 


Use Your Own Vehicle

Take your car to the place to pick up furniture and bring it home and you are done! How convenient! 


Cheap since you don't have to pay anyone for the delivery serviceYou must have a vehicle to transport
Convenient, since you can go anytime to collect your itemsSize limitations. Only small sized furniture can be transported
Furniture may not be sufficiently secured to prevent damage


Book a Private Hire Vehicle

You can book a private hire vehicle to go to the place to collect the furniture and bring it back home.


Convenient since you can go anytime to collect your items
You must book a PHV twice hence more expensive (once to go to the collection point and another back home)
Size limitations. Only small sized furniture can be transported
Not all PHV drivers will allow you to transport even small furniture
Furniture may not be sufficiently secured to prevent damage


Hiring a Transport Service Provider 

You can hire a transport service provider which can help you in picking up your furniture and delivering it to your home. 


Size doesnt matter! Big or small furniture can be transported!
You would still need to go to the collection point to take over the furniture and hand it over to the driver-partner
Hire a van from as low as $10 per trip
Furniture will be well secured during delivery


The best way to move?

Given the pros and cons of the various ways of delivery in Singapore, hiring a van such as GetVan Goods to help you in transporting your furniture is still the best option. Let’s look at some of the benefits.


Size doesn’t matter

Whether your furniture is big or small, we have various van sizes that can fit them all. 

Receive your furniture in one piece

You are important to us which means your items are also important to us. Our Drivers will take utmost care in delivering your items to its destination in one piece.

Same day delivery

Receive your furniture as soon as possible from the time you hand over the items to the driver-partners. In fact, if there are seats available up front, you can hop in!

Affordable prices

We offer our services from as low as $10/trip. This means that you don’t have to spend a bomb on transporting your goods.


Transporting furniture in Singapore especially without a transport service can be tricky. Now with delivery service providers such as GetVan Goods, it is no longer the case and in fact, there are various benefits to hiring such services which outweigh the costs. Hence, the ideal choice.


If you are looking for a reliable transport service provider for your furniture, GetVan Goods is here to deliver! Book now!



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