The Top 10 Van and Lorry Rental Companies For All Activities in Singapore

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Renting a vehicle is necessary, especially when you are moving house, hosting a special event or transporting equipment for your company. Whichever the case, having a list of van and lorry rental companies at your fingertips will always come in handy!

Van and Lorry Rental Companies in Singapore

Pan Pacific Leasing

Pan Pacific Leasing is one of the big players in commercial vehicle rentals in Singapore. They offer a broad range of van and lorry rental options at affordable prices. Brands include Toyota, Nissan, Fuso, Isuzu and many more. Also, they have a 24/7 customer hotline, GPS tracking, and a reputation for maintaining their vehicles well. Pan Pacific Leasing services cater to both personal and business needs, and their rates depend on your moving arrangements.


Index Credit

Index Credit offers passenger and commercial vehicles for rental. These include vans, lorries, trucks, pickups, eurovans and even family cars. Aside from that, you can purchase pre-owned cars or commercial vehicles from the company. Index Credit has a reputation for rigorously maintaining and checking their vehicles beforehand, before making them available to the public. Thus, you can be rest assured of getting only quality vehicles, when you rent a van or lorry with them. 

The company also provides services in auto financing and insurance and offers car loan financing schemes. These allow you to own a car in Singapore with less expensive loan rates. 


The Lorry

TheLorry’s services include van and lorry rentals for transportation of items, home and office relocation. The company has their own in-house drivers to help you transport your items. If you happen to be looking for a company that also offers international deliveries, this is a potential choice for you. 

Moreover, booking is simple with TheLorry. If you are in a hurry to rent a lorry or vehicle, you can always book through the application, and instantly get a quote. Every booking is now insured up to $500, allowing you to protect your items from any damage.


Legend Motors & Leasing

Legend Motors & Leasing provides commercial vehicles for business owners. Whether you own a startup, SME or an established brand, they have a range of trucks available for you. Capacity of the trucks vary based on light, medium and heavy-duty. At the same time, their whole fleet of vehicles is manufactured by Isuzu. This means that you get only quality vehicles. Other services offered include full maintenance, pick-up and delivery. Also, you can customise your commercial vehicles upon request.


Edmund Vehicle Rental

Edmund Vehicle Rental provides commercial and passenger vehicles for rent. Vehicles include lorries, pickups, vans and cars. Edmund Vehicle Rentals is one of the oldest car leasing companies in Singapore, having operated since 1996. The company prides itself on ensuring that their vehicle fleet is well-maintained, offering 24-hours vehicle breakdown recovery and GPS vehicle tracking.


Ethoz Group

Ethoz Group offers a variety of integrated automotive solutions. These include services like Auto Leasing and Commercial Vehicle Financing, M.I.C.E Chauffeured Services and Vehicle Workshops. At the same time, they provide capital equipment leasing for corporates. The company also offers the Luxury Series, consisting of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus and Volvos. Thus, you can enjoy an extra fancy ride with your family and friends.


Skylink Auto

Skylink Auto has a large selection of private and commercial vehicles, from minivans to heavy trucks. Aside from that, you can also select new or preowned vehicles that suit your needs. The company offers flexible financing schemes for all rented vehicles, ensuring that you will be able to rent a lorry or van without any financial stress. Fret not about the lack of vehicles to rent, the Skylink ensures that it has its stocks always ready!



Rentalorry, established since 2013, provides vehicle rentals for both short and long term leasing. On top of that, they also offer moving services, and provide professional and experienced movers to handle your items. Rentalorry’s vehicle fleet range from 10ft lorries to 24ft lorries, meaning that you will be able to move items of any volume. Aside from that, the company provides round-the-clock online support services, ensuring that you get the best possible experience.


Horizon Automotive Pte Ltd

Horizon Automotive’s rental options range from passenger vehicles like cars, and commercial vehicles like vans and trucks. For car rental, you can choose from the everyday economical cars, to the more luxurious brands like Mazda and Mercedes. What’s unique about Horizon Automotive is that the average age of its vehicle fleet is around three years old, making it the youngest fleet in the Singapore market. You won’t have to worry about vehicles breaking down from old age. 



GetVan’s options include commercial van rentals, and passenger van rentals. With GetVan Goods, you can rent a van to transport small furniture for office or home relocations, or even to deliver parcels. Vehicles offered include Renault Kangoos, Toyota Hiace, and Mitsubishi Fusos. Also, the company offers limousines with chauffeurs for social getaways through its service called GetVan Ride. If you are a professional looking for business delivery solutions, GetVan Business does the job for you. 

GetVan’s services are highly customisable, depending on your needs. At the same time, the company’s price transparency policy ensures you get a price estimate before you book any of its vehicles. What’s even better is that GetVan’s vehicles come with drivers that can readily assist you with your needs. The company’s team of registered driver-partners are professionally trained to ensure you get services of the highest standards. Rest assured that your experience with GetVan will be an unforgettable and memorable one.


Get Moving

Now that you have a list of van and lorry rental companies at your fingertips, moving in Singapore will be a breeze for you!

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