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Advance bookings can be made up to 7 days for Goods and 30 days for Ride. However, if you are in a rush, you can do a booking for as short as 1 hour prior to your booking time!

Payment method will be cash directly to drivers.

For hourly booking, the driver would have to set aside time to take the booking and with the potential of missing out on other booking opportunities. The admin fee is to deter fatuous booking.

The admin fee only covers the booking confirmation. The remaining is cash to driver as indicated in the booking details.

Please login to your account under either Goods or Ride, Select “Bookings” -> “Current Bookings” and press cancel.

For additional charges please refer to GetVan terms of service at, Section charges apply.

Most of our driver-partners operate alone and are unable to handle house moving requirements, which may take an extended amount of time and manpower. We advise that house moving requirement to engage a housing moving specialist instead.

Indicate under ‘Notes to drivers’ to inform them about the additional location/s.

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We provide GetVan Goods, GetVan Ride and GetVan Corporation services.
GetVan Goods is a van rental service for your moving needs. GetVan Ride is a personal chauffeur transport service for you and your group. Get Van corporation is a delivery solution for your business.

Yes, multiple bookings can be done.

Please send your request to or alternatively, you may contact the driver-partner directly to make the change.

You request for one to be resend to your email at

E-receipt are sent to your email, thus no receipt will be issued on the spot.

Illustration and measurements are indicated for each category. Use them as reference, and give some allowance.

 Yes, however you need to inform the driver-partner. Please note that the charges will be updated based on the new address

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