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Fulfill your organisation’s delivery needs without owning any vehicles. Go asset-light with our customisable delivery solutions

Why GetVan Business?

Low Operational Cost

Expanding your business no longer requires big bucks in operations. With GetVan, you can go asset-light while maintaining delivery excellence.

Increased Efficiency

Our tech-powered cloud and web-based platform ensures you and your team can monitor every job anytime and anywhere.

Guaranteed Quality

We are committed to delivering the highest quality service to you with our stringent partner selection. You can be rest assured and enjoy a peace of mind when working with GetVan.

Supercharge your Logistics Fulfilment With WorkNode

The same technology that powers GetVan is now available at your fingertips to optimise your delivery management. Tried and tested by us to seamlessly fulfill thousands of deliveries every day, Worknode is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to scale your mobile operations and workforce. 

With features such as real-time tracking, customer management, electronic proof-of-delivery and 2-in-1 warehouse and workforce management, Worknode has all the tools you need to leave the spreadsheets behind and step into a world of optimised business management, freeing you to focus on delivering value for your customers. 

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Real-time Tracking

Track where everything is, at all times. Real-time job updates and location tracking allows you to follow the workday and stay on top of your business.

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Electronic Proof-of-Delivery

Keep accountable to your customers and eliminate all misunderstandings with automatic location and time stamps upon delivery.

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Warehouse-Workforce Integration

Manage your warehouse inventory and the assigning of jobs in one single, seamless system.

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zeta labs logo

Professional, reliable and cost efficient island-wide parcel delivery service for my company delivering ~170 sets of gifts. Everything was executed smoothly with no major hiccups. Their quoted price for islandwide delivery was also the best that we managed to source for. Would 200% recommend to anyone looking for a professional and trusted delivery partner for their delivery jobs!

October 2020

Toki Flowers and Gifts logo

GetVan team managed to produce a 100% perfect result – not a single late deliveries, no damage to our fragile products, everything was done perfectly. It was the first time for us after six years in business, and working with several different major delivery companies and hence it says a lot about the efficiency & trustworthiness of GetVan. A big thank you to the GetVan team, drivers and a special shoutout to James & Wei Hao for going above and beyond to make sure things were done properly – its pure good work ethics right there! Will definitely look forward to working with GetVan in the future again!

February 2021

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