The Logistics Of Love: Last Mile Delivery Solutions For The Freshest Flowers In Singapore

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There’s never a wrong occasion for flowers. Whether it’s for a birthday, celebration or to mark an important occasion, every day can be made better with some fresh roses or daisies. Today, flower delivery services have made it easy for customers to send meaningful messages with blossoms and blooms.


In Singapore, flowers are serious business – home businesses and SMEs compete intensively with each arrangement, trying to win the hearts of customers. What every florist soon realises, however, are the unique challenges associated with flower delivery.


Being a florist is already hard work – early mornings, long shifts, and almost no time off around major holidays. Add to that the pressure of having to deliver on time in order to surprise a customer and ensuring that the flowers are being kept fresh. It is no wonder that last mile delivery can make or break a florist’s business. 


Simply put, it is the difference between a happy customer and a frustrated one. So if your florist business in Singapore is looking for a reliable and scalable last mile delivery solution, read on to discover how GetVan is here to help.


The logistics of flower delivery are immense. Among the key challenges include:

  • Customers are placing their orders later and later. The Society of American Florists estimated that almost half of all flower orders on Valentine’s Day come on the day itself. This means that florists big or small must be scalable enough to accommodate last-minute orders.


  • With a highly seasonal business prone to last-minute orders, businesses need to accurately predict the number of drivers they need at each time. Too few drivers in a holiday season and you risk your deliveries arriving late. Too many drivers in a lull, and you’re paying for unused time and overheads.


  • If a generic van-hailing marketplace is used, it is almost impossible to assign deliveries to the right driver. Few drivers and fleets have the white-glove expertise required to ensure that your deliveries are handled with care. This potentially exposes your business to erroneous deliveries. Even worse, these marketplaces rarely give your business a direct line of contact to the courier. This leaves you unable to conduct service recovery if a delivery mishap occurs. 


With these challenges, how can your business turn the last mile into its competitive advantage? 


Teaming up with a trusted fleet such as GetVan that specializes in last mile delivery can be the answer. GetVan gives you access to a large pool of drivers with no extra costs, the expertise you need to match your delivery with the most experienced driver available and the convenience of a one-stop shop for any issues or complaints. 


In particular, GetVan is…


1. Flexible

GetVan is available for immediate booking, providing you with transportation for your flowers on a just-in-time basis, ensuring that any last minute requests can be accommodated.


2. Sensitive

We know how important flower deliveries mean for customers. A business-as-usual task for us can be a life changing moment for a recipient. This is why GetVan designates a driver who is trained in flower deliveries. Our specialized couriers care for your work of art and will take all necessary steps to ensure that your flowers are delivered on time and in pristine condition.


3. Accountable

GetVan has a dedicated crisis response team to deal with any unfortunate incidents during deliveries. Even in peak holiday seasons, we will be accountable to you at all times with a single point of contact, streamlining all information flows.



Flowers are beautiful but tough work. Taking advantage of a dedicated last mile delivery partner like GetVan can help your business meet expectations without breaking the bank. Discover how GetVan can be the right partner for you, with a free consultation today.



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