5 Easy Steps To Pack and Transport Your Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TV
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Are you feeling distressed about how to move your flat screen TV by yourself within Singapore without hiring expensive furniture movers? Not to worry, as we show you 5 easy steps to pack and transport a flat screen TV on your own with van hire services in Singapore. 


Step 1: Gather The Right Supplies To

Pack Your TV Screen

To safeguard your expensive TV screen from damages during the move, you will need the following tools:


  • Hand trucks / Moving carts
  • Lifting Straps
  • Bubble wrap
  • Silica gels
  • Original TV box / Wardrobe box
  • Moving blankets
  • Ropes
  • Foams


Step 2: Prepare Your Flat Screen TV

For Packing

Preparing your flat screen TV for packing enables you to accelerate the packing process when you are on a tight schedule and make packing hassle-free. 


Here is what you can do to ensure your packing goes smoothly:


1. Label and snap a picture of your TV plugins positions (cables, wirings, DVD players, gaming console, soundbar) to reassemble your TV without trouble after the move.


2. Disconnect all TV plugins and power cords.


3. Dismount the TV screen from the wall / Unscrew the TV legs or stand.


4. Wipe the TV screen to remove dust and debris that can cause the TV screen to scratch during transportation. 


5. Remove all batteries from the TV remote.


Step 3: Packing Your Flat Screen TV 

To ensure your flat-screen TV arrives at your new home in pristine condition, you should take extra caution to protect your TV screen with secure packing.  Follow the instructions below to pack your TV safely:


1. Use two layers of bubble wrap (fit to the size of your TV screen) to cover the TV screen.


2. Secure the bubble wrap onto the TV screen using packing tapes. Tape over the wrap to ensure the packing tape is not in contact with the TV screen to avoid screen scratches. 


3. Slide the TV into the original box / DIY your own flat screen TV box using 1-2 wardrobe boxes. 


4. Pack the power cords, TV stand and remote with the TV to avoid losing them after the move.


5. Use bubble wraps or foam as padding to ensure that there is no wiggle space inside the box.


6. Place silica gel packets around the TV to absorb moisture inside the box. 


7. Tape the box with packing tape and label it as a fragile item.


8. Label and pack any additional TV accessories into plastic bags.


What happens if you are unable to find any boxes for packing? Fret not, as you can opt for moving blankets instead to pack your TV screen safely. You only need to follow step 1 & 2, then proceed to wrap the entire TV with moving blankets and secure it with packing tape for transportation. 


Step 4: Moving A TV By Yourself

Moving bulky items such as a heavy flat screen TV by yourself can be extremely dangerous. Lower the risk of injuring yourself and damaging your TV screen during transportation by gathering your friends to help out with the move.


To transport a large flat screen TV safely, you should:


1. Unhinge the front door to create a broader exit.


2. Load the TV carefully by lifting the TV to the hand truck in an upright position using a lifting strap. 


3. Never lay the TV flat to avoid cracking the TV screen and edge distortion during bumpy rides. Also, avoid tilting the TV as it may damage the electronics.


4. Secure the flat screen TV to the hand truck with ropes and slowly wheel it outside your house. 


5. Use the lifting strap to load the flat screen TV to the hired van and place it in an upright position.


6. Use boxes or moving blankets as extra padding around the TV to minimise movement during transportation.  


Step 5: Unpacking Your TV

Upon arrival at your new home, you should unload your flat screen TV in an upright position. Next, ask someone to assist you in unboxing the TV screen and lifting it out.


Then, reattached the TV stand back to its original state or install the wall mount. Finally, you should only reconnect the TV cables and switch it on after a few hours when the flat screen TV reaches room temperature to avoid overheating. 


Move A TV Screen Easily Using Van Hire

Services in Singapore

Able to move a flat screen TV by yourself? The moving process is actually relatively straightforward. More so with help from van hire services in Singapore. You can move a TV easily using van rental or lorry rental services in Singapore


It is important to get the right delivery service in Singapore as it will ensure that your flat screen TV is secured properly during transportation to prevent damage. The driver can also provide assistance in loading the items into the vehicle safely. 


If you do not wish to risk any injury to yourself or damage to your flat screen TV, you can always hire a van with a driver for on-demand delivery service with GetVan Goods to deliver the TV to your home in a cost-effective manner. 


At GetVan, we also provide on-demand van rental services and same-day delivery at affordable rates designed to help you with your moving needs.



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