10 Same Day Delivery Courier Options In Singapore

same day delivery service
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Have you ever come across a situation where you need to send something to someone ASAP, but you are stuck at work/school or have to travel long hours just to deliver it?

We have the solution for you! These same day delivery courier options will help you to get your item to its recipients and impress them with your perfect timing.


1.gogox logo

Formerly known as GOGOVAN, GOGOX is the first app-based logistics platform in Asia, revitalising the traditional logistics industry with innovative technology.

From just $10, GOGOX does same day delivery services for documents and/or shoebox-size packages under 5kg.



  • Helps you to pick up and deliver food or flowers to surprise a loved one.



  • There are waiting charges of $3 per 10-minute for motorcycle/sedan and $5 per 10-minute for van*.
  • There is, however, a grace period for the first 10 minutes before the waiting charges kick in. 

*There is no grace period for vans. 



GrabExpress is an on-demand, same day delivery service by Grab. It helps you to deliver various items such as documents and parcels to your loved ones.  Starting from just $5, you can order deliveries under 5kg. 



  • Book a door-to-door delivery within 60 minutes or 4 hours depending on the service type.
  • Track the delivery in real-time.
  • Each delivery is insured for up to SGD 500.



  • Delivery is not round the clock.
  • Surcharges start from $2.
  • Prices may vary due to factors such as, but not limited to, demand-supply ratio, booking timing, traffic conditions and routing information, including any additional surcharge. 
  • For accurate pricing on your specific delivery, please refer to the final price as indicated in the platform.


3. ixpress647 logo

From just $11, iXpress647’s 24-hour courier service provides same day delivery for items under 1kg within two hours.



  • iXpress647’s members get to enjoy discounts of up to $5.
  • Track the location of your courier on iXpress647’s online platform or mobile app.
  • Notified and updated through automated SMS text messaging and emails. 
  • iXpress647 is eco-friendly and uses a paperless receipt, contract and documentation system. 



  • Additional charges of $1.00/kg for parcels weighing more than 1kg.
  • Area surcharges ranging from $5 to $7.
  • Waiting charge of $5 per 10-minute.
  • There is, however, a grace period for the first 10 mins before the waiting charges kick in. 


4. Lalamove logo

Lalamove allows its users to gain access to its wide fleet of delivery vehicles, 24 hours a day, helmed by professional drivers. To schedule a delivery, simply input the pick up and drop off locations, choose the vehicle type you require and get connected with a nearby driver. On-demand delivery starts from just $10.



  • Lalamove will find you a driver within 15 seconds and deliver within 60 minutes.



  • Lalamove charges additional charges of between 30 cents to 75 cents per KM (depending on the vehicle).


5. ninja van logo

Ninja Pack is a postage-paid polymailer by Ninja Van that delivers straight to your recipient’s doorstep in Singapore.

Regular Ninja Packs are available in three sizes : XS (230 x 170mm), S (350 x 250mm) and M (470 x 330mm). 

There are also Padded Ninja Packs for fragile items that come with built-in bubble wraps: XS (230 x 170mm), S (350 x 250mm) and M (470 x 330mm).



  • Ship your goods islandwide without weight limit, all-you-can-fit from only $3.20.
  • Each Ninja Pack comes with Ninja Van’s proprietary real-time tracking technology, allowing you to know exactly where your parcel is, anytime, anywhere.
  • Drop-off your Ninja Packs at any of their 400+ drop-off locations islandwide.



  • The process of sending a Ninja Pack is tedious as you would need to have an account and manually create the send order to Ninja Van. 


6.  pickupp.io logo

Starting from just $10, get to enjoy Pickupp.io’s courier door-to-door services. Pickupp.io is a platform that aims to redefine logistics with its transparent customer-centric service and technology. 

It offers 4 kinds of door-to-door courier services: Express Delivery, Same day Delivery, Next Day Delivery and 1 -3 Days Delivery.

Express delivery ensures that your parcel is being picked up and dropped off within 2 hours. Same day delivery ensures that your parcel is being picked up and dropped off within 4 hours. 



  • Do not need to have a minimum order or minimum spend to use their services.
  • Real-time GPS Tracking 24/7.
  • Notified and updated via SMS text messaging.
  • Delivery is insured for up to SGD 200.
  • Have Cash on Delivery payment option.



  • Charges are not fixed and may vary due to factors such as demand-supply ratio and booking timing.



Qxpress is Qoo10’s in-house delivery service. It offers Standard Qxpress Delivery and Qxpress Quick Delivery. Standard Qxpress Delivery provides next-day delivery service while Qxpress Quick Delivery provides same day delivery service.

Qxpress Quick Delivery delivers parcels of up to 30kg and you can get the item picked up and delivered on the same day if there are any slots available.



  • You can choose a pickup timeslot and the delivery will be done within 2 hours after pickup timing. 



  • Cannot select a time slot for Standard Qxpress Delivery.
  • Slots for Qxpress Quick Delivery are limited, so fastest fingers first! 


8.speedpost logo

Speedpost Express is Singapore Post (SingPost)’s in-house same day delivery service. For items under 5kg, Speedpost Express delivers them within 2 hours, from just $15 for deliveries within the CBD, to $25 for deliveries outside the CBD.



  • Speedpost Express’ charges are based on the actual weight of your parcel, so size does not matter.
  • Flat fee and no hidden surcharges.




  • Delivery is not available on Mon to Fri after 6pm, Sat after 12.30pm, Sundays and Public Holidays.


9.  uparcel logo

uParcel offers on-demand, same day delivery and courier services for business and consumers. Be it a document, small parcel or bulky goods, they will get them delivered. Starting from just $10, uParcel promises to get your parcel delivered within the day. 



  • uParcel offers Specific Delivery Slot for deliveries that are time-sensitive and have to be delivered at a specific time or outside the Standard Operating hours of 9am – 10pm. 



  • Wrong sizing would result in surcharges.
  • Area surcharges ranging from $2 to $15.
  • Agents can only wait up to 20 minutes. Any additional waiting time may be charged at $0.40 per minute.


10. getvan logo

GetVan Goods is GetVan’s on-demand, reliable and affordable van rental service designed to help with your moving needs. It also provides same day delivery services.



  • Full-flexibility: You can make instant or scheduled booking.
  • Transparency: Fixed price policy with no hidden charges.
  • Affordable flexible add-ons.
  • Eco-friendly: paperless receipt, contract and documentation system. 
  • Mobile-friendly, fast and efficient.



  • Surcharge is imposed for job requested on weekends, public holidays and time between 12am – 6am daily.



Deliver Your Parcel Easily Using Same Day Delivery Courier Services

Delivering a parcel can be easy and hassle-free when you use a same day delivery courier service.


If you are looking for an efficient and hassle-free same day service that is affordable, GetVan Goods is here! We have a team of dedicated and registered GetVan partners, who are ready to respond in the shortest possible time when you need them. Book us now! 



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