Secured Document Delivery For Your Business in Singapore

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While most official communication is done electronically today, and most sensitive documents are kept digitally, there is still a sizable volume of confidential data circulated physically in Singapore. In fact, it often seems that the more sensitive the document, the more we are inclined to want to hold a physical copy ourselves rather than to have it in the cloud.


Whether it is sensitive financial accounting documents stored in logbooks, or confidential medical records and prescriptions, physical data needs to be protected and handled responsibly, especially if it contains personal data of individuals that are protected by the Personal Data Protection Act.


An often forgotten element in the protection of these physical documents is at the stage of delivery. While most last-mile delivery services have speed as the number one priority, last-mile delivery for private documents require the careful management of both speed and sensitivity. Along the way, any minor mishap could not alone ruin the customer experience, but lead to unwanted and unfortunate liabilities for your business as well.


So if your bookkeeping or telehealth business in Singapore is looking for a private document delivery service, here are all the potential risks that you may face, and how GetVan can help you meet these operational challenges.



Challenge 1: Your documents are compromised by an untrusted courier

When sending confidential documents, your business has the responsibility to never reveal any personal data to a third party.This extends to include the courier that you are using. It may be the case that an untrusted courier gains access to the sensitive or valuable documents you are sending as a result of malice, ignorance or curiosity.


Most businesses are unable to control this risk particularly if they use a marketplace platform for drivers that allows any willing courier to do the job at the lowest price.


Rather than operating as a marketplace, GetVan instead works to assign a dedicated driver from our own fleet to your business, who is briefed on your specific delivery requirements.


This ensures consistency and security for you, as you will always know who your driver is and can be secure in the knowledge that he is handling your documents to the highest standards that you expect.



Challenge 2: Your documents are improperly delivered at the last mile

When transferring files to and from medical facilities, or providing delivery of financial documents for banks and investors, it is critical for your courier service to understand the importance of maintaining the highest levels of security.


The average driver, who is trained to simply deliver any item from point A to B in the fastest way possible, may not be able to appreciate the importance of the finer details that protect your business. This may lead to your items delivered to closed offices or unattended businesses, leaving them potentially exposed to third parties.


GetVan eliminates this risk for you by designating a trained driver from our fleet. Our drivers are trained in confidential document delivery services and will take all the necessary steps as preferred by your business to ensure that your document reaches the intended recipient, and only the intended recipient, when they need it and in good condition.



Challenge 3: A mistake in the delivery occurs, and you don’t know who to call

Perhaps the only thing worse than a delivery mishap is not knowing who to contact to resolve the issue. Working with a delivery marketplace, you may not have a direct line of contact to the courier service and may have to deal with an intermediary that slows down the process of resolving a situation.


For normal deliveries, this may simply mean that your order reaches the customer at a later than the intended date,  or you may have to bear the cost of shipping the goods again.


However, in the business of confidential document deliveries, this may mean deals lost, PR crises and even potential litigations!  This is why it is important to not only trust your courier to do their job but to be able to trust that they will be there when something goes awry.


GetVan is your trusted partner for managing these risks. With a dedicated account manager at your service and a team focused purely on resolving delivery incidents, we will dedicate all our resources to you in the most expedited manner.


With one point of contact at all times to provide a seamless and streamlined service, you can trust that GetVan will be accountable to you at all times. We simply move better.GetVan recognises that secured document delivery is necessary for a variety of industries including bookkeeping and telemedicine.


Rest assured that with GetVan, our professional drivers will deliver your confidential documents in a safe and time-critical manner. Start your journey with GetVan Business today!

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