Putting Customers First, The Right Move For Local Start-up

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In the recent interview with The Strait Times, the founder of GetVan, James Neo, shared how to overcome struggles in the competitive logistics industry.


Our Founder, James Neo faced a challenge. How can GetVan differentiate itself from the competition? 

Consumers deem logistics as merely a transactional service to move things from point A to point B. Getting them to love the brand is very difficult. However, James found the solution. Providing customers with a superior customer experience.


Origins of GetVan

GetVan was founded in 2016, after James’ frustration with the status quo during a trip to a furniture store. He had to wait a week to get his purchases delivered when it could have been brought home immediately. This resulted in him having to set aside an entire day at home just for the delivery! 

This encounter led James to ask a question. “What if hiring a van could be as easy as ordering a taxi?” The answer, GetVan, an on-demand van rental service .


Flexible Options

Every job is different. It ranges from just a small parcel to moving house. Many logistics companies offer bundled services which may result in customers paying more than they should be, leading to dissatisfaction. 

GetVan on the other hand, is all about personalisation. Customers are able to pick and choose only the services that meet their needs. The base charge starts from $8 for just hiring a van with a driver and customers are then able to select add-ons they need.


Growing The Service

As GetVan’s customer base grew, so did it’s services. GetVan Ride was launched. A private hire service for passenger transport for groups of 6, 10 and 13 passengers to serve the underserved market for large groups. A third service was launched based on feedback from older customers: GetVan Business. Tailored to the logistics needs of corporate clients, most of which are SMEs.

In September, GetVan was acquired by Moovaz, a global relocation service with over 2,000 partner networks. James retained his role in running GetVan while also heading supply chain operations at Moovaz. 


Creating a Strong Culture

GetVan remains steadfast in its commitment to great service. Its drivers are the cog of a customer-centric company. The drivers are paid a fair wage, to ensure they deliver a great service. At the same time, customer experience is important. With that in mind, GetVan adheres to a strict code of conduct so that service standards are met. 

During GetVan’s initial days, every driver was personally interviewed by James so that only drivers with the right attitude were selected. 


Read the full story here to discover more about GetVan! 




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